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Pi-Sims is a team who believe that people need to learn, in a fun environment, how to perform as a team in the modern world. We have a mutual goal to get people trained at a minimum cost with maximum benefit. We are passionate about Process Excellence and want to work with you as a partner in your educational training. Pi-Sims simulations have no limit in what they can do to help train people in every aspect of work life. Let Pi-Sims be your experts in Process Excellence and partners in education. Contact us to learn more about our products and the endless possibilities they offer.

We are passionate not only about Process Excellence, but about how you learn it. Our mission is to bring Lean, Six Sigma and other Process Excellence methods into the 21st Century. Using the technology of today, Pi-Sims wants show people that knowledge of the past can also be knowledge of the future, it just needs to be repackaged! 

Here's The Team



Michel Rooyen


  • Michel Rooyen LinkedIn Profile

“There must be joy in learning. If not, what is the point?”


Maxim Korenyugin

  • Maxim Korenyugi LinkedIn Profile

“We make them fail, in order to make them learn.”


Ilya Lebedev

  • Ilya Lebedev LinkedIn Profile

“21st Century World needs 21st Century training.”


Laura Christenberry
(Marketing Director)

  • Laura Christenberry LinkedIn Profile

“It is all about creative consumption!”

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