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Remote Green Belt Round Up


A training facilitator provided over 40-hours of remote Green Belt training for his client’s employees. The participants had participated in online training sessions covering SIPOC, Pareto, VSM and other typical Lean Six Sigma Green Belt tools. The trainer and his client were concerned that they did not have a clear picture of the practical skills that had been learned, due to the one way nature of webinars, lack of face to face interaction with individual participants or an observable group exercises. The facilitator approached Pi-Sims about the use of Del-Sim to assess the training’s effectiveness, improve student’s technique utilization skills, and facilitate group interaction.

In this case, Pi-Sims agreed to provide not only access to the Del-Sim simulation, but also technical facilitation. This solution provided a convenient and “safe play” for the training facilitator as he did not have to learn the simulation features. Pi-Sims proposed to dedicate a 4-hour time slot to play 2-3 rounds of the game.
Remote Green Belt Round Up

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