Pi-Sims can benefit every training plan

Stop wasting time

Your participants can be trained remotely, cutting down on travel and out of office time.

Engage your participants

Our simulation is a gamification of Lean methods making it engaging and fun for participants.

Apply learned methods

Your team has a chance to learn in a ‘safe’ environment with the ability to execute learned methods and test outcomes.

Analyze your progress

Your team generates real data to analyze next to live KPI’s to track you and your teams training progress.


Pi-Sims was created to bring Performance Excellence Training into the 21st Century. The foundation is built on a need in the market for a simulation that emulated many of the training games that were being played in the classroom using paper forms, building blocks and other non – digital materials. Realizing that these games needed to be digitized for the globalized world, Pi-Sims was founded with the intention of offering an easier, more efficient way of training.


The first simulation game has been branded Del-Sim. It is a multi-player online tool focused on simulating a delivery process within a company, with all the quirks and wastefulness that come with it. Players are given a job in Del-Sim Co and asked to execute it. They quickly discover that the inefficiencies are many and need to work together as a team to conquer the over-runs and challenges of the company. What makes this unique from a standard process analysis simulation is that it can be played simultaneously with players across the globe or in a classroom behind a screen. This replicates a more realistic method for solving problems in the 21st century.


Del-Sim’s intended outcome is to lead your team down a path of efficiency. Through playing the simulation, your students develop an astute eye for LEAN and the methods around it. Del-Sim is intended as the launching pad for your program’s success and a tool to help you train staff on a global basis.

This simulation is intended to develop the following skills:

  • Team building
  • Structured improvement discussions
  • Mapping out processes
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Analyzing data (and acting on the information)
  • Task flexibility
  • KPI Improvements & Winning

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What Makes Us Different

Quick to Start

Easy set-up for any number of players and teams with the ability to alter and change roles during multiple rounds of play.

No scheduling and travel hassles means training can start when planned, behind any desktop computer.


Class size can range between 6 -15 players, there is even more flexibility in these numbers but these are ideal for participant benefit.

Multiple languages are available and can be used simultaneously during the simulation.


Our simulations are designed to work effectively with a wide array of internal trainings.

We can customize our simulation to fit your companies needs.

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