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Pi-Sims is a key partner for any company wanting to bring their educational programs to the next level. The foundation is built on training that better emulates the working processes of today, generating data and a safe testing environment for participants to grow and learn. Our simulations are developed to be used in classroom or remote environment – anywhere with a laptop and a connection – to bring teams together, encourage active data analysis and stimulate ideas. 

Pi-Sims wants to make learning fun, while teaching the principles of Process Excellence. Our founders were originally trainers, and want this to be as fun for the trainer as the student. Our Goal is for Process Excellence training to ignite a passion in everyone! 

Our Story




where it all started

August  2016

A meeting in Amsterdam. Two old colleagues talking about how ‘old fashioned’ Process Excellence training was getting sparked an idea. 

Michel Rooyen Co-Founder Pi-Sims

Michel Rooyen


Maxim Korenyugin Co-Founder Pi-Sims

Maxim Korenyugin


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