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Pi-Sims is a software simulation company. Our first simulation, Del-Sim is a multi-player online tool focused on simulating a delivery process within a company, with all the quirks and wastefulness that come with it. It was created as a fun and engaging way to review and test processes. Participants work for a delivery company whose objectives are to process and deliver packages. The company’s goal is to have a profitable P&L with a clear and effective process, while minimizing mistakes. By putting to work the principles of Process Excellence, teams are able to turn a messy process into an efficient one. 

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The Gamification of Lean



Who We Are

A New Way of Learning

Who We Are

Pi-Sims is the only provider of data driven, digital Process Excellence simulations. We offer scalable solutions for business of all sizes. Why not contact us to receive a demonstration and see how Pi-Sims can move your team forward?
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We Are Pi-Sims


We are data driven, remote, engaging, multi-player, fun, new, unprecedented, digital, global, multi-lingual, efficient, lean, game based, innovative!
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Pi-Sims generates live data for your team to analyse. No other simulation can do that.

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Pi-Sims was founded by two veterans of Process Excellence. They saw a need in the market for training that better emulates the working processes of today, generating data and a safe testing environment for participants to grow and learn.
Pi-Sims is a new way of learning.
Meet Our Team

Michel Rooyen


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“There must be joy in learning. If not, what is the point?”


Maxim Korenyugin

  • Maxim Korenyugi LinkedIn Profile

“We make them fail, in order to make them learn.”


Ilya Lebedev

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“21st Century World needs 21st Century training.”


Laura Christenberry
(Marketing Director)

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“It is all about creative consumption!”

Partners In Industry
What People Say

This simulation tool offers me so much flexibility during trainings. The trainer can easily modify the game to focus on the specific training goals of each group of participants. The changeability of the difficulty level is an added bonus. The simulation can grow as the participants do. I have never seen anything else on the market like it.

Marja Jaatinen,

GE Certified Master Black Belt | Lean Six Sigma Trainer, Coach and Consultant

Finland and the Netherlands

Case Studies
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Remote Green Belt Round Up

How one facilitator used the Del-Sim game to ensure his green belt participants had the practical skills they needed.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Leading Russian Bank

How one of the most important banks in Russia used the Del-Sim game to ask this question of their lean six sigma black belts.

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